About Us

Learn about how the event got started, and where the money goes to.

Dad and Daughter 5K

This 5K was born out of a book I wrote about my dad, Run the Race: A Father’s Legacy of Life Lessons. On a summer vacation sitting on the beach in North Carolina, a friend suggested I write a book about my dad because of all the great stories I would tell. So, for cathartic reasons I did write this book. The book is how he taught me to run long distances. But, in reality he taught me to run the real races of life, too. I still run today and it has been a saving grace for me.

In 2014, I started a local 5K Run/Walk in Kansas City, Missouri named Dad and Daughter 5K. It was because of my book and a Boston radio host suggesting that I start a 5K in Kansas City and go national. Over the years, it has grown exponentially and I do hope and pray of taking it nationwide.

My 5K is a 501 C and we give our proceeds to Phoenix Family. This organization is a life changer for children, families and the elderly. They provide social services and housing for the underserved in KC. They also provide children with the Hike Reading Program after school which was started by Trent Green Family Foundation. I am a teacher and counselor and thankful that Phoenix Family helps prevent human beings from going homeless and provide such an amazing literacy program for the kiddos and set them up for a successful future!

If you want to learn more about us, please view the dadanddaughter5k.com, Facebook and Instagram pages.

Keep running the race,

Susan Dawes

Founder/Race Director

Pheonix Family

Phoenix Family here in Kansas City is our beneficiaries for the 5K. When you sign up for our 5K, know you are making a difference here within our city.